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Storage Tips

Decide whether you want to use boxes, totes, or other heavy duty containers to store your goods. Depending on what the items are, some means of storage are more suitable than other Use proper packing equipment to store your items away, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam peanuts in order to prevent damage of fragile goods. It is important to make sure that electrical equipment is both clean and dry before storing. Before packing away any metal items, be sure to wipe down surfaces in order to avoid rust or corrosion. When packing books, files and other paper documents, lay them flat and use packaging material to fill in any empty spaces. When storing items such as clothing or linens, make sure they are dry and clean before packing them in boxes or containers. For storing furniture, disassemble individual pieces as much as possible and store them on pallets using corrugated cardboard in between. For lamps, wrap the base in packaging material and store separately from the lamp shade. Avoid stacking furniture when possible and use lightweight cotton cloth padding to place over furniture pieces to avoid damage, especially when they are made out of wood. Items such as computer screens and televisions should be covered with dust covers and wrapped in bubble wrap


We have a wide range of climate controlled storage units and air conditioned storage units or all of your business or residential storage space needs. Need to store a household full of belongings? We have just the right storage units for you. We also have a great selection for RV and vehicle storage units and parking spaces. Looking to clear out some space in the office? We offer convenient business file storage space as well. We also have a complete inventory of moving and packing supplies for all of your last-minute needs. Whether you need some extra boxes or a fresh roll of packing tape, we’ve got you covered.